Junk Mail Art 

  • Make Cards & Gifts

  • Recycle - Fine Art & Crafting

  • Create Picture &  Poems


Something for Everyone

​Clare Timmis, is an arts organiser and postgrad. from Chelsea College of Art’s (Uni of Arts London). She works as a mix-media fine artist, creatively and socially, in health and education. Usually contracted in Herts and outer London.

Low Toxic - Reuse, Revive, Upcycle

She uses with low toxic water-based arts,  sketches, paints with recyclable papers snd textiles.

Learn, Social, Celebrate 

She’s works on celebratory Art Projects, combining art exhibitions and art making events, which can be prearranged for personal and professional purposes, tailor-made to suit your needs. 


Drawing - pencil, chalks & watercolour 

Book a fine art class online - ‘draw from a still life display or favourite photo.’  (holiday destination, famous person, pet etc) 

Or Join an art sketching/watercolour outdoor Spring or Summer walking day out.


A mindful fun activity, lowering the planet‘s carbon footprint - stay local,  turn TV off and get together in social likeminded class.

You can book on eventbrite, MeetUp, or from other social media, or here via contacting Clare Timmis direct.