• Small group video  workshops considered, with a introductory FREE 20-30min taster session 


As mixed media fine artist, I can offer classes as well as gift commissions, advising on different themes and media’s of interest (with a special focus on more natural, low toxic and recycled materials).

From taking interest from contemporary themes of life around me,  I do observational pencil sketches, referring to additional photographs, and use some computer drawing processes to look at different possibilities for the end canvasframed product .

Recycled Mixed Media Collage, 2018 (HPCT) 

We can’t all be a Picasso but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn a new technical drawing and painting and experiment with recycled paper into mixed-media collages.

I encourage the use of more water based and sustainable art materials and tools to make 2d and 3D works (eg paper, wood and clay.

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