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Fine Art Workshops - Greener matters 

A social space to lower your carbon footprint, with lower toxic drawing and recycling materials, using handmade processes. Online or in a local community space.

Are you ready to learn or share, something? Our classes are available for all types of skill levels. 
So bring your brunch or cuppa and some basic art materials,

Events: Classes

Sketching, Watercolour, Prints, Patchwork/ Collage

Cut and paste recycled papers or textiles into a painterly collage. Add sketching snd embellishments.
You will feel extremely accomplished and can end with a card, framed picture, or gift to hang on the wall.


Collage Mixed Media Workshops 

If you’re tired of creating alone, want to improve, try your hand at a beginners-intermediate class. 

Collage a canvas in workshops for re-using bits and bobs - greatrelaxed social group.

Led by experienced Chelsea Postgraduate, who is here to help you become more creative!

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