Mixed Media Collage 2017/18

Clares shows a collection of illustrative, abstract, diarised art works, with photographic elements to create glossy painting collages.
She is an experienced artist whose created some wall art, showing her personal life and  additional life-art events, which she has managed and been involved with.
She’s also an artist whose experienced mental health/physical difficulties and uses her art to empower self and others.

(This following piece being 1 of 3 to be shown in clinical settings in Hertfordshire)

Made for the Hertfordshire Partnership Trust and the University of Hertfordshire.

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Untitled Watercolour, Summer Sketchbook 2016

C Timmis, 2014, Watercolour

Watercolour painting of a special wedding garden present - a beautiful sculptural clay burner from 2004, a symbol socialising creativity and love. 
(Created as part of a sketchbook summer project 2012 (during her chemo summer)

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Untitled, What is Love 1994 

March Ryan 1993

Conte drawing of ‘what is love’ was created mid 1990s.
This being from a period of sketching social circle of friends and family. 
She often uses pencil, charcoal, graphite and ink. This e1990s were done of people of interest in her outsider life - life at the office and creative work, showings music, partying, friendships etc
This drawing was a huge accomplishment and significance of the artist embracing her love of art

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Mixed Media Wall Retro., Greener Matters Art Exhibition, Apsley Paper Mill 2018

Clare Timmis, friends and family, Greener Matters, Apsley Paper Mill 2018

Clares’s Mixed Media display along side other friendships - artists and would be and should be creatives - Group Postcard art show.  
A show of mixed media postcards (photos, pencil, paint, 3D, etc shows us that you don’t need to be a seasoned artist to create something amazing. 
Artists and creative minded people loved working on this Mixed Media  project with Clare. This specific project gave others a chance to really shine bright, and impress as potential artists with all of the groups dedication. 
We did just that. Find out more about this process by contacting us today.

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Untitled Watercolour 2014

Stanborough Lake, WGC, Herts 2012

We love a collaboratIon at RecyclingRelaxation’. This Watercolour sketch/painting is an example of The artists own a sketchbook summer project, created (by Clare in post chemo Summer 2011)
Clares especially proud of her adhoc local workshops and art fairs, recycling junk modelling, T-shirt designing projects, and Still Life Sketching and Painting at places like Fleetville Community Centre, art lunch and holiday clubs and pubs.
Our artists and group took a winning and creative approach to accomplish all of their artistic goals.

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