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St Albans Art Society Summer exhibition 2022 - watercolours and figure drawing

I got motivated! Signs of Sun helped and between being relatively settled at work etc.

Aimed to put some my art into local art show - SAAS annual summer exhibition July (St Albans).

Working as relief worker, with Mencap and doing some part days with School Holiday Club as PlayWorker, I completed these 3 pics.

I did loose many watercolours based on my photographs of walks on local jersey farm walkways. Some made cards and one a canvas.

2nd piece, I choose a life drawing to add on to canvas, (when I listened to our semi pro. folk band TMTCH which uniquely named ‘The Men they Couldn’t Hang’ (played with pogues, revived in London pubs and Margate, working still on their continuing audience, social roots, and profound lyrics and voices, fiddles acoustics and punky vibes.. in between lockdown. The drawing while listening to these sounds is the bus driver (that incidentally didn’t have break). Note - I incorporated pencil drawing from life (my thing I’ve continue in between art school, I worked on memories of interiors of subject and his interest outside working continuous over COVID 19 pandemic.

My 3rd piece, I did was a spontaneous quick one, from my kitten - ‘present to self’, while children distant at studies and forming new relationships. It’s one of first of many ‘observational’ watercolour drawing-painting from observing kitten life. Drawings inside my home.

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